Turn-key concept.


About us

The Company UBOSS AB is a Swedish building company founded for operations in Sweden but as daughter company of Radman Grupa d.o.o. situated in Zagreb, Croatia. Construction business started in 2002 in Croatia and in 2006 Radman Grupa became a leading company in dry wall works (gypsum), fire protection systems, painting works, tile works and similar works connected to finishing works in residential buildings, industrial facilities, public buildings, hotels etc. See the reference list on www.radmangrupa.hr

In 2015 we have started our operations in Sweden with similar work like mentioned above, but we also expanded our operations to a wider range of works, so we are now a completely organized and equipped company for the construction of entire residential buildings as well as villas. By saying organized and equipped company we mean skilled employees of our own and employees of our sister companies, as well as machinery, containers, fences, scaffolding, cranes, forklift, wide range of small hand tools, production facility (capacity: 3000 m2 outside walls, inner walls, floors a month) as well as necessary certificates and educations for all mentioned equipment and organization of the building site as BAS P/U, Byggregler och normer för VVS-auktorisation and so on.

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